Appomattox dog hearing postponed until May 6
By Chris Dumond

Published: April 23, 2009

APPOMATTOX — For the second time in two days, a hearing to determine if the seizure of dozens of dogs from a Spout Spring kennel was proper was postponed.

A new hearing was scheduled for May 6.

Appomattox County Animal Control last week seized 49 dogs from Robin Conlon’s kennel on Double Bridges Road. According to Conlon and a search warrant filed with the Appomattox County Circuit Court, a 50th dog was taken Wednesday.

Animal Control Officer Mickey Martin said the dogs were a mix of pugs and shar-peis.

Authorities have declined comment on the conditions the dogs were under that led to the seizure citing an ongoing investigation. Conlon said Wednesday that the 50th dog was taken because a state veterinarian believed the animal had a fever.

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