Backyard breeders abandoning dogs with Parvo?
JUPITER, FL -- There are new concerns about a possible backyard breeding in Lake Park.

That's where another Beagle was found last night. Last week, a mother and her puppies were found left for dead in a recycling bin.

Those who run the Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary & Hospital in Jupiter say the abandoned Beagles might be piece of a much bigger puzzle, one that needs to be solved before more dogs get hurt.

"You can go into a backyard breeder's home and you can find 50-100 dogs that are not being cared for," said Kay-Lynette Roca of the Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary & Hospital. "As these animals are breaking with this disease, they're being booted out to the curb."

The latest Beagle being cared-for is now named Parker, for the street in which he was found.

He has the same collar as the mother, now named Marci.

Both are in separate cages of the isolation room, to help keep the Parvo virus from spreading.

"When he saw her, they went nuts for one another," said Roca. "So, there is no doubt in my mind that this male came from the same home."

One of the hospital's vets says Marci is on the road to recovery, along with her four surviving puppies.

Two others have died.

As for Parker, he needs the most time to heal.

"The prognosis for the father is guardedly optimistic," said James Wells. "He's in a little bit better condition than the mother was when she came in."

Since we first reported this case last week, the hospital says phones have been ringing off the hook with people searching for help for their sick or injured pets.

Now, the hospital is now offering a $250 reward for any information leading to a possible backyard breeder.

"Someone has to know where the dogs are coming from in that community," said Roca. "So that we can find out what's going on and if there's more that are sick and dying and get to these animals.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Safe Harbor. You can remain anonymous.

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