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Out of the M. Vick debacle, comes the Animal Planet show which was made to do what?? The show goes over way too much footage of dogfighting, even assuming they were ‘actua’l dogfights, it was shown at least 10x (over and over) so I assume someone who produced it wanted people to hate the people who engage in dogfights? And I think it was really more like a kick-off to the super agenda of HSUS and ASPCA’s NEW program to hunt down, find, and raid suspected dog owners who might own,sell or breed dogs. Seriously. Because selling dogs to be allegedly fought over state lines is in the dog fighting law which HSUS does claim to have pushed into place.

HSUS loves to claim they have a “database” of people that are targeted, suspected dogfighters? Oh really? Then why would they need to advertise they will pay $5,000 (used to be $2,500) to someone who can tip them off re dogfighting if they already have 20,000 suspects? The police allege they can’t get or even catch dogfighters in most instances, so why is HSUS acting like they are law enforcement? The only reason must be to help pitch their legislation whereby THEY take the proceeds via forfeiture (see below.)

They CLAIM they are “targeting” dogfighting, but as always—never believe anything extremists tell you. Thus I figure it isn’t about actual dogfighting (since the HSUS and ASPCA are NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT–PERHAPS THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF HUNTING FOR SNITCHES?? I think they are treading on thin ice in that regard.)

Let’s not forget that HSUS has and is attempting to insert their Mr. Goodwin (arson dude) who is not a qualified expert on dogfighting, into every little dogfighting case that may crop up–and let’s remind everyone that HSUS is also trying to insert themselves into dogfighting $$$ by attempting to pass laws where they (HSUS) get the $$$/proceeds from dogfighting raids. YES– a private non profit trying to take the state’s money for themselves.

I can only call that one thing–attempting to PROFIT from the wrongdoing of OTHERS. Then we have the Bad Rap people shown, and they talk about the dogs that the Court allowed to be saved and hopefully rehabilitated. I think it’s fair to say that the Bad Rap people shown are not professional dog trainers by trade. They are dog rescuers. It was my understanding they were selected to evaluate each dog. They may have handled a lot of dogs, maybe mixed breed, maybe purebred. However, just because one handles dogs out of shelters does not make a professional evaluator/trainer. Bad Rap gets out perhaps 34 dogs per YEAR–not per month. Check this out yourself, at Blue Dog State, below: , bludogstate comments:
Bad Rap plays both ends against the middle. First prize for putting the most spin on the ball goes to that savvy image manipulator and San Francisco pit bull “rescue” group, Bad Rap. These are the folks that co-authored California’s notorious SB 861–the brainchild of ex-Democratic State Senator Jackie Speier–so that it would be more palatable in some circles , and then made sure Bad Rap appeared on the list of opponents of the proposal they co-authored.SB 861 set the stage for AB 1634 by rolling back California’s historic ban on breed profiling. It allows municipalities in California to mandate spay-neuter on a breed specific basis.
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