Dogs from puppy mill to be available for adoption
Monday, Feb 16, 2009

SPARTA -- More than 250 small breed dogs removed from a Tennessee puppy mill under the management of the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the White County Sheriff's Department will be transferred to humane agencies in the coming days so they can be made available for adoption.

The dogs, which were rescued on Feb. 11, are currently in a temporary shelter being cared for by ASPCA and American Humane Association staff.

The ASPCA is assessing medical and behavioral needs of the dogs, most of which will need special care due to a lack of socialization and medical conditions.

"It's doubtful any of these dogs have ever been walked on a leash; many have never been outdoors," said Jeff Eyre, the ASPCA's director of field operations.

Dogs were matted and filthy, many with skin conditions including mange. They were housed in multiple buildings, many stuffed into small, feces- encrusted cages and pens.

The ASPCA collected and is preparing evidence for the prosecution of the criminal case.

"Puppy mills are substandard commercial breeding operations that house dogs in overcrowded and often unsanitary conditions, without adequate veterinary care, food, water and socialization," said ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres.

"We want to see this cruelty come to an end."

Information on the destinations of the dogs will be made available in the coming days. For the most up-to-date continued information or updates on these dogs, visit
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