Paw Placement
We take animals from the public.

Paw Placement has specific policies regarding animal intake. We try to help as many animals as possible but sadly, limited space and resources hinders us from intaking every animal in need.

We partner with other organizations.

Paw Placement fosters a spirit of cooperation with all rescue groups. If someone adopts from another rescue group instead of us, we do not view this as a loss. When any homeless cat or dog finds a home, it is a success for our cause. As such, we recommend other notable rescue organizations should we not have a specific animal.

We screen all applicants.

Each animal in our care is a victim of human abandonment, neglect or abuse. Our application process insures that our cats and dogs are going to their forever home once and for all. As a rescue group, we do not function like a pet store offering an animal to whoever can afford to buy one. We adopt our animals to the most suitable home, we insist that we meet all family members in the adoptive home, and we conduct home visits to makes sure animals are thriving.
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