Paw Printz Pitbull Rescue
We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Things that we feel are important enough to spend time working for and helping.

Paw Printz Pitbull Rescue is a growing network of dog owners, animal rescuers, and devoted supporters of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Paw Printz sprang from a truely genuine love for these dogs. A love that has evolved into a real-time hands-on saving lives Pit Bull rescue. Doing what we can to be a part of the solution to the many serious issues facing this breed.

We hope this website can be a resource by helping others to understand (through education) and providing a springboard for the reader to respond to, the difficult issues facing these wonderful dogs. We hope that you, the reader, will find what you are looking for and/or what you need, to be a responsible, successful, pro-active Pit Bull parent.

Starting with education. It is said, that with education comes knowledge and with knowledge comes a better understanding. Anyone gaining these attributes would also gain a deeper appreciation for the breed. Educating the public will help stop the damaging myths about Pit Bulls that EVERYONE has heard in one form or another. Educating the public with honest, straight forward information will encourage responsible ownership practices. This fact-based information provides potential Pit Bull parents with an educated base from which they can set realistic Pit Bull ownership expectations. Knowledge and education can help you to set realistic training and obedience goals for your Pit Bull. Check out 'You Can Train A Pit Bull?' page for information on helpful training tips and ideas.

And continuing with rescue. Paw Printz Pitbull Rescue is here to provide help to needy Pit Bulls, as well as support for the wonderful advocates who are trying to save a life. We offer the needed rescue resources, including a safe temporary home, to homeless Pit Bulls and assist in finding permanent homes for the exemplary ambassadors these abused and abandoned Pit Bulls turn out to be.
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