Pit Bull Rescue Central
Vision Statement:
Pit Bull Rescue Central envisions a compassionate world where pit bulls
and pit bull mixes reside in responsible, loving homes and where their honor
and positive image is restored and preserved.

Mission Statement:
As an organization, Pit Bull Rescue Central (PBRC) will:

* Help relieve suffering of and prevent cruelty to dogs identified as pit bulls and
mixes thereof, through the public dissemination of educational information.

* Help reduce the number of homeless pit bulls and mixes thereof, through
the public dissemination of educational information.

* Facilitate the rescue and placement of homeless dogs identified primarily
as pit bulls and mixes thereof, into responsible homes.

* Participate in fundraising in order to provide caretakers of pit bulls and
mixes thereof, with the means to:

* seek veterinary treatment
* spay or neuter
* provide food, shelter or other basic necessities
* assist a dog to prevent it from being treated in a cruel or inhumane fashion

Disclaimer and Recommendations
Pit Bull Rescue Central and/or any of the people dedicating their time to the PBRC organization, cannot be held responsible for the dogs displayed on its pages, or for the people filling out the application form.

PBRC has not had direct contact with any of the available dogs featured in the site, nor has it personally met with anyone interested in adopting a dog.

PBRC "assumes" that the dogs in its pages have been carefully evaluated prior to being approved and listed for adoption. However, we recommend that anyone interested in adopting a dog proceed with their own temperament evaluation. Help from a professional is recommended if the potential owner is not familiar with temperament testing. The evaluation should be done by someone who understands the breed and its particular characteristics.

In general, Pit Bulls and AmStaffs make excellent pets, but like other breeds, it's possible that some of them carry undesirable traits such as human aggression, shyness, instability, etc, due to poor breeding or previous irresponsible/abusive ownership. These animals should NOT be made available for adoption unless they have successfully completed a strict rehabilitation program with a professional.

Dog aggression is a normal trait for this breed...
human aggression is not.

For more information about Pit Bull type dogs, please read PBRC's Breed-Info.

We also strongly recommend that the caretakers of any Pit Bull to be adopted thoroughly screen applicants submitted by PBRC. Meeting the applicant, contacting references, and a strict home check should be standard procedure before a dog is placed in a home. Remember, Pit Bull type dogs often attract the wrong kind of owners and vigilant screening is a MUST.

For more information about how to provide the best care for these dogs and select the right kind of homes for them, please read PBRC's Recommendations to dog shelters and rescue organizations.
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