Ryan's Pet Supplies
George and Donna Ryan established Ryan's Pet Supplies in 1959 from their home in Wisconsin. They began the business by manufacturing and selling dog food. The Ryans, always looking for new opportunities, decided to move their business to Arizona and expand the product line of wholesale pet products for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and other small animals. They opened a small shop on the south side of Phoenix. George's vision was to provide a customer friendly pet business. After thirty years in the wholesale business, in 1988, George and Donna retired. They sold the family business to two brothers from New York… David & Warren

David and Warren, wanting to escape the cold winters, decided to sell their retail business in New York, and move to Arizona. They spent several months looking at different businesses to buy. Their list of possibilities included a tool & home supply business and a wholesale pet supply shop. Being dog lovers, they decided Ryan's was their best option.

Realizing there was a demand for professional products and service for pet groomers and pet suppliers, David and Warren began to narrow the focus of Ryan's to fill the needs of a very select group. Beginning with a small four-page catalog, composed in their mother's home, they expanded the business. Today they research pet supply sources all over the world to find quality professional products at a low cost in order to pass savings on to Ryan's customers.

Ryan's Pet now encompasses a full-color 204 page catalog, a ribbon manufacturing operation, a pet shampoo & conditioner production site, a repair shop for blade sharpening & clipper/dryer repair, an importing business, and a new website.

After nearly forty-six years, Ryan's is still a family owned and operated business specializing in the Pet Supply business and the needs of our customers. George Ryan's vision of serving the customer is as alive today as it was when he and Donna began the business in 1959. David and Warren have continued that vision. Their commitment to you, and to all Ryan's customers, is to provide fast, accurate, courteous and professional service, and to treat you like a member of the family.
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