This is to anyone who fights any type of Pit Bull
Everyone knows what Pit fighting entails. It is the most cruel inhumane sport that pit bulls have been forced to endure for what it seems like to be forever. I decided to write this page to anyone who engages in this. If you do and you know who you are then I am happy that you stumbled upon this page!

For all of you that do this I think that you are the most disgusting, worthless, selfish, loser, idiot, stupid waste of life that I can think of. In my book you are right up there with rapist and murderers. You may ask yourself why? Well you know what you do is so cruel but yet you dont not care. You dont not care about the suffering and absolute torture of these aniamls. These dogs did not ask to get born into the hands or maniacs like you and they will never have shot at a life of love. The only thing they know is pain and hatred. Oh wait Im sorry they do still know loyalty, that is why they do this isnt it? For you, their so called masters? They fight to please you and make you happy and hopefully earn you a quick but shameful buck. What do you do for them in return? Beat, starve, neglect them until they have no hope or spirit left? Then what happens when all their spirit is left and they just cant fight anymore? Do you retire them to a nice peaceful life? No, instead you piss on them after losing while they lay their to die, or set them on fire or beat them to death since they are no longer good to you anymore. Or you are one of the kind ones that just shoots them so they dont suffer. After all they suffered enough the whole time they belonged to you. The things that you do I cant even find a word for. The sadness that it brings to me is something that crosses my mind everyday because I know their are so many more out their that will never be saved. The amount of anger I have towards you could fill the Grand Canyon. I am a 26 year old woman and I weigh 130 pounds and I promise with the hatered I have for you, you would not last in a pit with me for 2 minutes! You are nothing, sure as hell not human but a monster. You take your kids to this and teach them this is ok. These poor kids will never know any better and the cycle will just continue. You will meet your maker one day and you will have to explain why you destroyed so many beautiful animals and life for your own selfishness. Not only did you destoy the animals but the innocents of children that have witnessed your doings. Not only did you detroy all that but also the wonderful breed that people like me have to fight to keep them from getting banned everywhere. We have to make sites like this to teach people that these are great animals and that it is you that should be blammed! I dont think their is a punishment that could make you suffer enough. People like you is what makes me think twice before wanting to bring another child into this world. These dogs are suppossed to be "mans best friend", this is your best friend and you have hurt them more then anything else 10 fold. You are cowards consummed with greed and I wish nothing but sorrow, pain and regret for the rest of your life. If you get anyhting from reading this then I hope you get a conscience and realize that you need help. There is no excuse for what you do and I dont care if your poor and need money or whatver because just remember your day will come. This is no place for you here on this planet but Im sure there is a nice warm seat for you in hell!
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