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Breed Specific Bans


Dogmen: The Rationalization of Deviance

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Society & Animals Journal of Human-Animal Studies Volume 6 Number 3, 1998 Craig J. Forsythe 1 and Rhonda D. Evans Texas A&M University Dogmen are individuals who fight their pit bulls READ MORE

Why Pit Bulls are More Dangerous and Breed-Specific Legislation is Justified

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12 Municipal Lawyer In April 2005, the latest litigation over breed-specific legislation (BSL) concluded in Denver, Colorado. The state Legislature had previously passed H.B. 04-1279, which prohi READ MORE

Denver's Pit Bull Ordinance

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A Review of Its History and Judicial Rulings By Kory A. Nelson, Esq. Assistant City Attorney – Senior Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section Denver City Attorney’s Office April 15, 2005 This a READ MORE

Constitutionality of BSL

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State Supreme Courts and Federal Courts consistently uphold the constitutionally of breed-specific laws. Time and again the courts rule that dogs are property and can be regulated under "police auth READ MORE

BSL state-by-state

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States with BSL Over 250 US cities have enacted breed-specific laws, nearly all focus on pit bull type dogs. Cities that reside within states containing a "BSL prohibition" clause have effectively READ MORE

breed-specific law faq

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Q: What is a breed-specific law (BSL)? A breed-specific law is a type of dangerous dog law. It is defined as any ordinance or policy that pertains to a specific dog breed or breeds, but does not affe READ MORE

Legislating dogs

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Pit bull bans Denver, Colorado The most controversial pit bull ban in the US was enacted by the City of Denver in 1989. Over the course of 18 years, it has withstood numerous battles in state and READ MORE
Legislation on Dog Bans and how it may effect you
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