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 “All about Dog” (dogs.boomja.com) is a website dedicated to dog lovers.  It is driven by one of the most intelligent WEB search engines available on the internet.  The purpose of “The Dog Search Engine” is to search the internet for all types of information about dogs and consolidate the findings in one location.  The goal of this project is to develop the most comprehensive authority website on the internet with comprehensive information on all aspects of dogs. 


Granted, this website is work-in-process, and probably will be for the lifetime of the site, as new information is always becoming available everyday.  With your help, by making comments or recommending links to other websites, the project will continue to grow and become a community venture.  I whole-heartedly welcome your help. 


 A little about me – as you probably have guessed, I do love dogs.  In fact, I love all animals.  I volunteer my time working with animal rescues and the Humane Society.  I am also am an expert in dog behavior and work with a pack of over 100 dogs (and love it!).


 After many years walking dogs, rescuing dogs, and helping dogs with all sorts of behavioral issues, I have decided to try and share what I have learned, share the research I have done, and try to help people understand the fulfilling relationship that is possible with their dogs.


There are many topics to touch on, and I feel it could take a lifetime to record all the information that is available, and continues to become available each day with the help of the internet.  I know that not everything contained on this website will be agreed upon by everyone – and that is okay.  I don’t think I will agree with all the views and concepts that are added.  The important thing is to show different prospects on subjects and get your help to validate those things through your comments.  So please join in and help!


Thanks for visiting my dog search engine and please come back often.  I value both your time and input, and I know you are here with a mission – that mission is related to dogs.

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