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Preventing Being Bit by a Dog


While Waiting for the Ambulance

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As the ambulance is responding to your emergency, there are some things you can do to help emergency crews find you. Make sure to try to do as many of these things as possible to prepare for the ambul READ MORE

Dogs and Kids are an Unpredictable Combination

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Tuesday October 2, 2007 My dog is over eight years old now. He's getting a little old and crotchety, but of course that doesn't stop him from jumping over the six-foot fence. We have noticed when w READ MORE

Dog ownership guide

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Owners of potentially dangerous dogs must always be aware of the risk their dog poses to the community. Along with this risk is the responsibility of constraining the dog. This is especially true with READ MORE

Staying safe

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Dog bites are often the result of negligent owners. Potential victims can only try to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if a pit bull leaps over a fence and attacks your small do READ MORE
Tips on preventing being bit by a dog
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